PT. Taman Dandelion Indah

About Us

When one teaches, two learn.

Robert Heinlein


To be the best partner in education to manifest the flourishing quality of humans for 2045 golden generation.


Core Values

S Service and Product Excellence
T Trustworthiness
A Accountability
R Respect
T Transparency


Dr. Toni Yoyo, S.TP, M.M., M.T.

Currently lives in Tangerang, Banten. He completed all higher education with Cum Laude honors and the best graduate. He holds the professional certification such as ELT (Essential Licensed Trainer), CPM® (Certified Professional Motivator), CPS® (Certified Public Speaker), CG (Certified Graphologist / Handwriting Analyst), and C.Ht (Certified Hypnotherapist).

He is a part-time lecturer at the higher education level, and also carries out various activities including as professional worker, management and business consultant, seminar speaker, trainer, radio and television speaker, writer, graphologist, and hypnotherapist. Using a variety of teaching and learning approaches, especially contextual teaching and learning (CTL), ensures the sessions to be interesting and engage participants to actively involve and get motivated to apply what they have learned. He has so far written 14 books.

Henely Claresta Djong, S.E.

Currently lives in her hometown, Pontianak, West Kalimantan. She completed her undergraduate education in Yogyakarta before pursuing her career as a professional worker in several companies in Jakarta and Pontianak. Over time, she felt a great love for children and found her passion for education. She has a dozen years of experience in establishing and managing course institution and schools.

She is now not only the founder and manager of several schools, author of children’s textbooks, but also a consultant for setting and running new schools or upgrading qualities of existing schools. She continues to improve her knowledge and skills by attending many educational seminars and training. She has so far written 4 books.

Lius Jayasaputra, M.Pd.

Currently lives in Tangerang, Banten. He completed his undergraduate education in Salatiga, Central Java, in English Education and Literature. He pursued his professional teaching career in one of Tangerang’s most prominent schools under a renowned education foundation in Indonesia. Then, he also served as the teacher trainer and curriculum coordinator there.

Next, he experienced leading in the Professional Development and Teacher Training in a Malay STEM based company as the head of the training department in early childhood. Currently, he is a teacher trainer and education consultant for schools. As a coach and mentor, his social field work includes the area of education, parenting, homeschool, and gifted child.


Aegidius Sunusmo, M.Pd., ELT

Currently resides in Bogor, West Java. He is experienced as a teacher and counselor in junior and senior high schools, internal trainer of a large company, and head of student affairs of a university. Since 2009, he has been actively providing various trainings and seminars for students and teachers from elementary to high school levels and parents of students. He has mastered various training materials from Indonesian master trainers, such as emotional intelligence, 7 Habits, positive self-talk, public speaking, leadership, team building, and many others. In addition, he has taken a professional trainer certification from MWS International. The number of participants in the sessions he has delivered has reached hundreds of thousands of people.