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Our Services

Taman Dandelion Indah is your best partners in both academic and non academic fields. Our services will help you meet your needs and obtain the objectives well.
“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin

Our Services

  • Educational Consultancy
  • Education Instructional Design
  • Professional Development
  • Book Publishing

Scope of Services

  • Educational Consultancy
  • New School Establishment Consultancy
  • Teacher Professional Development Design
  • Instructional and Curriculum Design
  • Educational Approaches to Learning
  • Training and Workshops for Teachers, Staff, and School Leaders
  • Parents Seminar
  • Book Publication
  • International Standard Book Number (ISBN) Registration
  • Book Intellectual Property Rights (HAKI) Registration

Our Academic Services

Taman Dandelion Indah presents to you the School Academic Sustainable Development Program.

At Taman Dandelion Indah, we provide a holistic range of academic services to help the schools develop long-term sustainability and thrive across generations. The ultimate objectives of the programs are in the following values:

Sustainable School

Schools can thrive across generations and make impacts on Indonesian students in a long term.

Excellent Academics

Schools can contribute to Indonesian education by creating students with excellent academic accomplishments.

21st Century Learning

Schools can present education that promotes 21st-century skills needed in the real world in our nowadays society.

Education Quality Growth

Schools can nourish and nurture students, parents, and staff to keep growing with good quality.

Academic Sustainable Development Program Your best program for quality school improvement and sustainability in the era of disruption and industrial revolution 4.0.

cup-icon.png Supporting

How do we support?

cup-icon.png Approaches to

How do students best learn?

cup-icon.png Instructional

How do teachers develop the lessons in our sessions?

cup-icon.png Sustainable

How do we achieve our ultimate goals for the best education?

How We Can Help

Process Flowchart

Step 1

Needs Assessment

You can simply talk to us. Let us have discussion on the problems you have at school and how we can support you.

Step 2

Project Planner

Questionnaires and surveys are done, results of these are points of discussion with schools.

Consultation takes place between the school and PT. TDI to arrange the support.

Step 3

Proposal of Projection

PT. TDI supports you with the projecting plans for the school. Schools follow up the terms and conditions for the projects.

Step 4

Program Launched

PT. TDI supports the school parties to execute the sustainable development program: when, where, who, and how.